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New Accessory for Beretta works with Taurus PT 92 99's

Hey Folks, yes I am the fella who runs SCI, maker and seller of the TR.
I dont want to appear, or even seem like a "drive by advertiser."

My intent here is to simply "give out knowledge."

As most all PT 92 99 owners are aware, the tooling, specs, etc. are / were licensed from Beretta. (Same as the Beretta M9/92FS...)

Therefore, "if the specs for your Taurus are the same" (which they should be), there is a new "accessory available to you" and simply wanted you to know that.

To further prove my intent not to be a "drive by artist", I won't post a link to my companies site, I think thats only fair.

If you would like more info, simply google or point your search engine at the word "tacrail" :)

I hope this is seen with the intent its given.
I've already picked two free give aways
(I was biased to give two to military personnel, they need our help, plus, I'd like to help them, help "others" get there 70 virgins ASAP! )
David Woroner, Pres.
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