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I enjoy shooting various types of firearms when I am not at college or hanging out with the girlfirend. I am in the market for a new pistol, but being 20 years old, I cannot purchase from an ffl or from a private party out of state.

There are some BEAUTIFUL pieces for sale downstate, but I can't justify driving 12 hours. If anybody is located in the Upper Peninsula (anywhere from Hancock Houghton to St Ignace) and you have a pistol for sale, email me no matter the price or the make or model

I am interested mostly in Semi auto's chambered in 9mm, .45 or .40 S&W from Ruger, Para, FN, and Sig but if you have any pistol for sale and you are near me, email me, I am curious to see whos in the area and what they have. thanks!
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