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WTB Redding 10mm Pro Series Die Set...

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Does anyone have a used Redding 10mm pistol Pro Series die set for sale?

I am not looking for the .40/10mm version, I am looking for the 10mm only version of this 3 die set made for progressive presses.


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I would shop the gun shows in your area - but there aren't that many reloaders that went down that 10mm path. But if they did - you might just have to be patient - and pick up a set of dies.

But I don't see a problem buying a set like Dillon - that are marked 10mm/.40 S&W - it's one die set, and use it for either caliber. Just like the .357 mag / .38 spl - the same dies - just set them up a little different.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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