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I have custom built core 2 quad pc with all the trimmings.
intel core 2 quad q 6600 over clocked
2 gigs ram
320 gig hard drive
msi nvidia geforce 8400 overclocked video card 512mb onboard.
integrated sound.
p35 chipset board.
litescribe dvd burner.
windows xp pro x32
gaming case glows blue green red clear side view

i am looking for a trade to equal $1600. would like 2 1911's or 2 92fs's and a good rifle. make offers. i have 8 custom pc in my house and one 22lr revovler. lol
time for a change.

Remember dont ever go dell. custom computers are like custom firearms, put the extra effort into it and you got something only professionals handle.

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Sorry man that is not a 2500 dollar computer It is a nice coumputer but not worth 2 1911's by any means maybe worth one springfeild mil spec. Not trying to be an buthole but.
processor $200 This is a verry good processor BTW
ram $50
Case $100 for a good case
Cd drives $50
hard drive $100
graphics card 8400 is a really low end card. $90 and it is overclocked probaly overheated not a selling point.
Mother board $125
Shipping cables, heat sink past, ect $100

Now that processor has droped in price a lot in the last year but you haft to go by current market prices.

I mean it is a 600-700 dollar coumputer NEW so it is worth maybe $400 at the most. Sorry dude we are not stupid on this board. I mean $1600 dont lie to yourself we live in the real world.
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