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XD 45 or Glock

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1st of all I would like to say hello to everyone and i have been trolling around this forum for a bit. Great reads all around.
Next ? is...
I am looking to buy a hand gun for personal protection. Something to easily conceal.

I was looking at the XD45 or the Glock.

I like the egronomics of the xd but i also like the durability of the Glock. The Glock is tried and true, where as the XD is relatively new.
The 80-100$ difference between the 2 is no matter.

What are your thoughts??
Are these the right hand guns to consider??
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I personally prefer the XD for its trigger and personal ergonomics but others find the Glock to be better for them. I have nearly 4,000 rounds through my 45 ACP Service model so far and it has not had a hiccup with any load I've run through it; various weights and bullet styles of factory, Wolf, aluminium Blaser, milsurp, and handloads. I ran 1,000 rounds of Wolf ammo through it to see how dirty it needs to get before malfunctions appear but none occurred. This is my duty gun and I have total trust in its working when I need it to. I also have a 40 S&W Service model XD with over 7,000 rounds through it and it has performed the same.
The Glocks are good guns but the grip angle is all wrong for me and the trigger pull is mostly horrendous. I have a difficult time shooting them well unless I really concentrate and that is not what I look for in a duty weapon. Best bet would be to borrow or rent a sample of each to try before buying. One gun might "feel" better in the hand but you could find it feels very different when under recoil.
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Going to the range tomorrow for lunch to try out various HG's
as well as different calibers.
From what i have heard, so far i am leaning towards the XD
I would think either one would be a viable choice, it basically depends on what feels better to you. The thing to remember is that neither one is a 1911 :wink: .

If conceallibility is a major factor, I would look at a small frame revolver.
Re: re: XD 45 or Glock

john1911 said:
I would think either one would be a viable choice, it basically depends on what feels better to you. The thing to remember is that neither one is a 1911 :wink: .

If conceallibility is a major factor, I would look at a small frame revolver.
yes conceallibility is a factor, that is why i have opted to go with a 9mm xd.

I went to the range in Delrey and tried the Clock 9mm and the xd9mm. the XD 9 fit and felt wayyy better than the glock.
Now the next step is where to buy one??
Gun Show next weekend or local shop if they have them, or internet??
I've never had any luck finding anything at a gunshow.

http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/prod ... s_id/32548

http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/prod ... s_id/32473

http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/prod ... s_id/30987

I do all my buying at the local shops. Most are close to internet prices, cheaper after you figure shipping and transfer fees. YMMV
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My two cents. When I got my CCW, I did the same kind of research you are doing, and I ended up with a Kahr P9. The Kahrs are great because they are based on a single-stack mag and are accordingly, nice and slim. I found the little Glock 26 and the other double stack mag guns to be too chunky.

In my opinion, practical concealed carry requires a gun that is as small, slim and light as possible, without sacrificing shootability.

My Kahr rides beautifully in a DeSantis Mini-Slide/Galco belt combo. Most of the time, I forget it is there. It's that comfortable.

The trade-off in magazine capacity is well worth the comfort of a nice slim, light, carry piece.

Good luck with your search.
Great information guys thanks. I knew this was not gonna be an easy task.

ducks eliminated you have sparked my intrest in a Kahr P9.. Thank you
The grip safety on the XD is not needed, IMHO. Get the Glock. Either a 19 or 26 for concealability.

I also have a Kahr PM9 that comes in handy for conceal carry in the summer time. But, it is not a range gun. The G19 could be both a carry and range gun.

get the gun that fits you the best . I tried several different ones before I found the gun that best fit me. Dont limit yourself to just a few brands or models . I finally, after shooting S&W, Ruger,glock,taurus, sig and kimber , I found the sig P229 40 CAL fit me the best. It was more expensive than some and cheaper than others. It had everything I was looking for. Get the one that you are most comfortable with when shooting and packing.
The old rule of thumb is never buy an automobile the first year it comes out. Let them iron out the bugs.

I feel the same way about the Springfield and the Smith & Wesson M&P. They will both probably be fine guns, but I wouldn't rush to buy either.

If you want an auto that feels great in your hand, go with the SIG. However, I have fired the .40 Kahr, and it was easy to empty a magazine rapid fire into a nice small hole. It's small and flat and would be a great gun for concealed carry.
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